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When it comes to transforming your back garden or outdoor space this summer, a pattern imprinted concrete deck makes for an ideal alternative to traditional wood decking. That’s because you can get the look and feel of traditional decking – without all the hassle of cleaning and maintenance! And lots of other benefits too.


Concrete decking is a great option for anyone who wants to maximise their outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing. It combines the very best features of both a patio and decking.

Concrete decking outside back door

The common problems with decking (traditional wood)

For years, wooden decking has been one of the most popular materials for homeowners looking to get more use from the space outside their back door, especially those with smaller gardens. It can be bought straight off the shelf, should be relatively easy to install (though is difficult to get right) and it looks good.


However, as with any material, there are some downsides. And decking has quite a lot of common problems:

  • The UK weather can be very unforgiving, so wooden decking can easily discolour and rot if not protected
  • It needs to be oiled regularly with a protective coating – usually at least once a year
  • It often needs to be repainted to ensure it looks good
  • Weeds can easily grow through wooden planks if you’re not careful, and it’s susceptible to moss and algae
  • It can be very slippery when wet, especially during the winter
  • Boards and planks can easily warp or raise up, which often happens when they’re not installed correctly
  • Effective decking needs to be raised off the floor. It doesn’t sit directly on the ground, which means you often need steps and/or railings – especially if you have young children.

In short, although traditional decking can still look great – and works well for some uses – it does require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. It might not last as long as you hope.

Wooden effect concrete decking in back garden

What is concrete decking?

But there is an alternative to wood decking: pattern imprinted concrete. With concrete decking, you get all the benefits of a concrete patio – with the look and appeal of traditional decking. Concrete decking is a gorgeous concrete patio that looks just like decking – without the problems associated with wooden decking!


Using our Pacific Boardwalk print, we can create an incredibly practical concrete patio that looks exactly like wood decking. We ensure the colour of the concrete look as much like wood as possible, but we can also install the print in any colour – if you’re looking for a wooden pattern but with a unique flair.

The benefits of concrete decking over wood decking

Concrete patios are often a much more practical way to transform your outdoor space. Unlike wooden decking, you won’t need to worry about getting splinters if you walk out in bare feet, and the concrete will not discolour or need treating every year after winter.
The concrete deck can be finished with a gloss or matt seal, and an anti-slip additive can be included to help prevent any slips or trips. The benefits of concrete decking include:
  • Low maintenance– don’t worry about constantly cleaning or treating
  • Long lasting– your concrete decking will last for a long time, with minimal care
  • Durable– If you want to build out a garden room, conservatory, greenhouse, shed or garage on the strong, solid floor, you can!
  • Flexible– You can add additional features, like planters, steps or fire pits, because concrete can be easily poured to any shape you want
  • It’s ideal around water– it won’t warp like wood, so it’s great for around ponds, water features, or outdoor pools!

Concrete wood effect decking

Above all, concrete decking looks amazing. It’s easy to install, cost effective and has an incredibly realistic finish. Get the look of wooden decking, without the hassle!

You don’t have to choose between concrete decking or wooden decking. You could actually get the best of both with a combination of patio and decking in your back garden.  We install concrete patios, concrete decking and wooden decking – so however you’d like to transform your home, we can help.  Take a look at our patios page for more examples of our patios and decking, or get in touch to arrange a free design visit and quote.

Additional ideas for your concrete decking

dark wood effect concrete patio decking

We love concrete decking because it’s so versatile. There’s loads of ways you can use it to spruce up your garden – replacing old wooden decking, creating new, custom-made seating areas, or simply transforming your patio.


As well as traditional ‘wood’ coloured concrete decking, we can also supply a range of alternative patterns and colours. We think the dark options look stunning, especially the grey decking with hints of white you’ll see below.


It looks like really expensive, unique wooden decking… but it’s cost-effective, super practical concrete!


Custom concrete decking around ponds

We’ve even installed this amazing pattern imprinted concrete decking in public locations arounds ponds and other waterways. It looks stunning and it’s easy to lay out. We can pour concrete in just about any location, unlike traditional decking which is harder to fit.


And the best thing about concrete decking is that it’s waterproof – so it’s perfect for around ponds! Long lasting and extremely durable, it makes a safe effective path, right next to the water! It blends beautifully with the surrounding wildlife too.

Concrete decking around a pond

Why not try a concrete decking path around your pond or garden?

See what concrete decking could like in your garden