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If your family has grown and you’ve got more cars (or even a camper van or caravan) at home in Greater Manchester than your house was built for you, you might be thinking about how you could create new off-road parking areas.


That was certainly the case for this homeowner. They needed to widen their driveway and create a safe, secure new parking area.


But the problem was finding the space. They turned to Complete Driveway and Patio Designs for help.

  • Clearing unused land

    Our team set about clearing the land at the side of the existing driveway, excavating the unused, overgrown woodland area and digging out the uneven ground that wasn’t fit for anything. We had to navigate a large slope, which we used to our advantage to install suitable drainage for the new area.

  • Installing surrounding walls and fencing

    After clearing the ground, excavating to the correct depth and marking out the desired parking area of 60 square metres (and accounting for the slope), we carefully fitted supporting walls and fencing.


    We then laid the foundation layers before adding supporting tiles to help encourage drainage and provide support for the parking area. This ensured the new areas was fully SUDS compliant.

  • Applying the finishing touches

    Finally, we applied the gravel guard  and then carefully topped off and levelled the entire new parking area. Final fencing was installed to create the secure, private parking area.


    Needless to say, the homeowner was thrilled with the transformation. The new parking space, easily accessible from the side of their existing drive, has turned wasted land into a highly valuable off-road parking area that adds value to their home, and provides a safe place to park their cars.


  • Finished parking area

    The finalised off-road parking area, fully utilised by the homeowners.

Expand your off-road parking with our help