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Driveways are one of the most valuable features of any house – but only if they are practical, and usable.


In today’s increasingly crowded property market, houses that are being advertised with ‘driveways’ may only actually deliver a small paved area at the front of the house, that isn’t big enough for a car.


So one of the first things you want to do when you move in – or if you’re thinking about selling and want to increase the value of your property – is to widen your driveway. Here are 6 reasons why you might want to transform your front garden into a more useful, wider driveway:

1. Space for a car is one of the main reasons to widen your driveway.

An off-road parking space is a huge asset. Not only does it make your car safer and lower insurance costs, but it just makes parking a whole lot easier. No more trying to save your spot on the street.


A parking space on a drive will also add at least £5,000 onto the value of your property, according to a survey of estates agents a few years ago.


2. You have more than one car at home

One car families are increasingly very rare. In a family of four, it’s highly likely that both parents will have cars now, as they’re the most convenient way to get around – whether that’s commuting to work or running around the neighbourhood.


A normal, ‘standard’ driveway (although there’s really no such thing) will only allow for one car to be parked on the drive. That means someone is always left on the street.


Even long driveways can be problematic.  Some might fit three cars, one in front of the other, which is great for large families. But if your car is the one at the bottom, shuffling every car around and getting off the drive is frustrating.


A wider driveway entrance – by utilising some of the front garden space – can make parking multiple cars a lot quicker, and a lot more convenient.


3. You have bigger cars, vans or trucks

With the rise in crossovers and SUVs, many homes are finding they need to widen their driveway entrance to fit bigger cars onto them. This can be especially important if you also have work vans or large trucks that need to go on the driveway too.


By widening the driveway, you’re making sure you don’t need to worry about the type of vehicles you and your family buy – anything will fit easily into a practical parking spot.

4. You own a caravan

Parking a caravan is a difficult task at the best of times. But if you have a small, narrow driveway, it can be basically impossible.


Caravan storage is expensive too, so if you want to get the best value from your mobile home, you’ll want to keep it on your own drive, not someone else’s.


The solution is simple – widen your driveway! By extending your driveway across the front garden – or down the side of the house – you’ll have all the space you need to easily reverse a caravan or park a motorhome.

5. You need easier access for people  

A narrow driveway with a parked car can be extremely difficult to squeeze past. There’s always the risk that the car could be scratched, or someone will get hurt squeezing against a wall.


The problem is a lot worse if you have a pram or a pushchair that you need to get onto the street for a walk. And it’s equally difficult if you need disabled access for someone in a wheelchair.


Once again, a good solution is to widen your driveway. For pedestrian access, you don’t even need to have an extra-wide driveway. You just need a smooth, flat path that runs alongside the existing driveway or parking area.

6. You want to build a garage

One final reason why you might want to widen your driveway is so that you can build a useful, practical garage on it.


A narrow driveway may limit the choice and flexibility of the type of garage you build. But by extending your driveway first – or as part of the build – you’ll be able to get a garage that fits all your needs.


And you’ll be able to drive down and park inside it, if that’s what you’re building it for.

The cost of widening a driveway

There are many different reasons – and lots of different options – for widening and extending your driveway. Whatever the reason, you can customise the designs and installation to make sure it fits your needs perfectly.


For example, you don’t have to lose all your front garden. You could even install flower beds and planters around your drive. Or you could install a separate walkway with a distinct pattern, to ensure no-one parks on the access route.


The choice is up to you – and you can keep the costs of a wider driveway down by making sure you plan it to your exact requirements.


We can help with every aspect of planning and installation – a qualified, professional company, that will ensure you get the very best value for money, and absolute peace of mind.


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